August 2, 2010

H-H-H- Happy Birthday!

August 2, 2010
A very merry Un-Birthday toooooo you!
(unless today is your birthday. Then to you I say Happy Birthday!)

As I mom, I know how much fun it is to plan out our  kids' birthdays!
Family, friends, activities,  cake, ice cream, games, pizza, and cute outfits.

For my son's birthday this year he turned the big 4.  We planned out our day full of adventure and I just had to make a shirt for him so EVERYONE would know it was his big day

I was so amazed at the love he recieved all day long! Everywhere we went he got smiles and "Happy Birthday" wishes.  And at lunch at Red Robin, we didn't have to tell our server it was his birthday.  She automatically brought out the festive, and free, cup of celebratory ice cream sundae.

Gotta love free ice cream  :)

I just put his "Birthday Boy" t-shirt , (which BTW he helped me design) into our Etsy shop, along with a new "Birthday Girl" design.

Birthday Boy shirt
Birthday Girl Shirt
These tees come in different colors, and come in sizes 12m to 6y. I can also print them on bigger sizes, just email me or contact me on though our Cantaloupe Corner Etsy shop.

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet little tikes!
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