August 18, 2010

Magnet Board Re-do

August 18, 2010
Like many of you, I get a rush out of treasure hunting at yard sales.
My husband has learned that I never really like anything until it has been painted at least once.
Spray paint is my dear friend.

This week's treasure hunting trip landed me with this beauty.
The paper was warped and someone must have used it for a candle holding table tray because there was a huge wax spill on it.
I adore the glass drawer pulls. So vintage.
The nautical paper had to go. I scraped off the seagulls and starfish off the metal backing and painted the frame matte white.

Then I added some cute yellow fabric and trimmed with black ribbon.

I am using it for my kids who are 2 and 4. We have the letter of the day and the word of the day.

This was also my solution for my son using up all of my scotch tape to hang up his drawings of trains ALL over the house! You should see my collection hanging in my studio, whoa! I love them but . . . you know, after the 30th picture of the same thing. . .

So now he has a magnet board to display his very favorite pictures.


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