February 17, 2012

Making Baby Food

February 17, 2012
I'm totally there. Those first few months of feeding my baby "real" food. This is my third baby so you would think by now I would be an old pro at this. Not so much. On the contrary, I'm more nervous and careful this time around than with my other two rug rats. I no longer trust the judgement of Gerber to feed my babies.
I made my own baby food for my other 2 boys about 30% of the time. I liked the idea of them eating fresh fruits and veggies rather than canned. And whipping up a batch of butternut squash or carrots in the blender is a piece of cake. This time around I am feeding my little guy homemade baby food about 70%  of the time instead. I save those convenient little bottles for when I'm low on time or when we are out of the house.
I'm sure you agree with me about homemade food being much better for baby. The foods haven't been overheated or processed so the nutrients are at their peak. Bottled food has to be heated to high temperatures to kill off any bacteria that would spoil the food. And the nutrients strart to break down at those high temperatures. If you have ever done pressure canning before you know how much the heat changes the food.

The fun is in experimenting with different flavor combinations.

Some of the foods need to be heated to soften them and to make them easier for your baby to digest. But I like keeping the foods raw whenever possible. One of my favorite combinations is steamed carrots blended with a ripe pear.

Carrots and Pears Baby Food

10 baby carrots (or about 3 whole carrots, peeled)
1 ripe pear

Directions: Place baby carrots in a glass microwave safe dish (no plastic in the microwave please). Add 1 inch of water. Cover and steam in the microwave for about 4 minutes. Let sit for at least one minute before removing from microwave.
Wash and peel your pear. Core and roughly chop.
Add steamed carrots and pear to your blender/food processor. Add about 3 Tbs of water or more if needed. Blend until smooth. For beginning eaters you can press the mush through a fine strainer to remove any lumps.

Use it immediately or you can freeze it. I like using ice cube trays to freeze extra baby food. Once it is frozen, pop out the baby food cubes and store them in nicely labeled bags. Pop out 2 or 3 cubes and defrost whenever you want to use them.


Some of my other favorites are blueberry banana spinach, pineapple pear,  blueberry banana, peas and carrots, green beans, avacado banana, sweet potatoes, etc. 

Keep the nutrients in, and have fun with your baby's food.  

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