January 9, 2011

nifty gifts

January 9, 2011
Just to prove I haven't been a lazy bum, I have some projects to share that I made for my family members for Christmas!

 A frilly box of friendly flowers for a few of my favorite females.

This apron I created for my niece who is budding pastry chef. I even created my own pattern. I love how it turned out, especially the cute fabrics! I think I may have to make a bigger one for me!

I am so happy to have little girls to sew for since I am going to be even more outnumbered by boys soon.

This was my favorite project. I adore my craft cutter and I get muy excited when I get to break it out and use it for vinyl. (It usually gets used for cutting t-shirt stencils.)  Monograms are everywhere right now, why not on a cookie jar?
mmmm, chocolate.

The rest of my projects somehow escaped my bad photography skills before they were wrapped up and sent off. I also made some cute tees for my teenage niece as well as a FAT stuffed elf shelf-sitter for my Mother-in-Law.

I love the holidays but I am so glad that they are over. I am pooped.

Next project:  turning my office/studio into an office/baby boy's room.
Wish me luck.
I'm already in over my head.
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