January 24, 2011

Mission Organization

January 24, 2011
It looks like pack-rat city here in my house. I am a stuff collector, and sadly it is starting to show.

Every corner is cluttered, every cupboard is filled.

I make up excuses daily to myself on why I need to keep things:

" I need the extra tote full of fabric because if my hubby loses his job and we are poor I can make my kids clothes out of it!"

(Except that the extra fabric is made up of hideous polyester, and 1970's plaids, mixed with baby fabrics that have gone out of style long long ago.
I would hand wash my kids jeans and t-shirts every day before making them wear anything made out of that scratchy stuff.)

"I need 15 wooden spoons because we have a lot of company and extra serving spoons are always handy to have."

(Ok, I only have 6, but you get the picture. They are superfluous, and I need space more than I need extra spoons. )

"I need to keep 20 train drawings from my 4 year old that all look the same."

(Why? I don't know.)

So. . .

My mission for 2011 is to SIMPLIFY!

Life is going to get WAY more complicated this May when baby #3 comes so I'm starting right now to cut the clutter out of my life.

So far I have said goodbye to an SUV full of stuff. I had it packed to the brim with everything, clothes, toys, paintings, magazines, electronics, and furniture! I sent it all off to Deseret Industries, a local Thrift Store.
My boys were so willing to give away old toys when I told them that we were giving them away so another little boy play with them.

I also gave away my beloved elliptical trainer. You know, the one I promised I would run on every day. . . and it got used for. . . um. . . 2 months.  *tear* I will miss you.

And I am gutting out my office/studio to make room for the new kid. I can't wait to decorate. The orange walls are going to be a blast to work with!

I didn't realize just how much space Cantaloupe Corner takes up in my house until I took on the project of re-organizing it all, and moving most of it out of the office. Whew, I really am a pack-rat.

Anyways, after all of that rambling, I want to invite you to join me in my 2011 goal to simplify. Start with the physical things. Clean out the clutter in our homes and then we can move on to de-cluttering our time.

I can't wait to find myself under all of this stuff! I feel a thousand pounds lighter already!

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