December 10, 2010

Date Changes

December 10, 2010
I'm changing our closing date for Christmas break.
I originally was going to close up shop on the 15th but now the last day I am taking new orders will be on Dec. 12th.  

At this wonderful time of the year, I have a sister getting married next weekend (yeah!) and a list of a zillion presents I get to make (or buy) for Christmas.
Also, my new bedtime has become 8:00, since I fall asleep on the couch at that time every night. And now my few precious hours of work time while the kids are alseep are gone.

 So, rather than over-stress myself, which is easy to do when I'm prego, I decided to close up early.

I am planning on opening the Cantaloupe Corner Etsy shop again the beginning of February. 

I will still be available for occasional custom orders via email.

I hope everyone has their Christmas shopping almost wrapped up (bad pun, I know).  And for those of you that still need something for those cute little toddlers and preschoolers on your list, stop by our shop today through Monday and use code THANKU10 for 10% off your order!!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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