January 11, 2010

Cargo Pants Messanger Bag!

January 11, 2010
I just saw this on Ucreate today and I had to share! It's awesome!
I'm a HUGE fan of saving money and finding fun uses for stuff that I already have.
Here's a fantastic idea from Noodlehead: Use some old cargo pants to make an amazing messenger bag!

I've been holding on to some old cargos and now I have a cool project to make with them. Saving money and saving room in my garage makes me a happy crafter!
 Kudos to Noodleheads for the great idea!

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3 fabulous people said. . .:

Lrc said...

very cool idea! I really like the details of the cargo pocket...have a good time with your new project!

natacha lee said...

I'm going to put that in my list of crafty things to do. A woman can never have enough bags, and never has too many cargos!

PDX said...

That is a fantastic idea! Makes me wish that I 1) had an old pair of cargo pants and 2) knew how to sew.


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