January 28, 2010

The big 200! And a Giveaway!

January 28, 2010
I woke up to the most wonderful surprise this morning! Cantaloupe Corner's Etsy shop hit 200 sales!!

It seems like only yesterday we opened up our little website and posted our first 3 designs. *tear*

And now we have a full shop and lots of room to grow! I'm working on some fabulous new designs right now and I CANNOT WAIT to get them in my shop! Oh, why does it have to take so long! I wish I could take my ideas from my head and stick them straight into Etsy. Maybe it's the laziness in me, or maybe I just get so excited about our new stuff I need to show it to the world right now!

Ok, on to the more important part of this post. . . A GIVEAWAY!

In honor of our 200th sale I am going to give away a "BEAT IT" Creeper (onesie).
 (sizes are 6m, 12m, 18m, and 24m)

How can you win the "BEAT IT" Creeper?

1. Go to my Cantaloupe Corner shop pick your favorite design then come back here and leave it in a comment.

2. Follow our blog!

3. Be our Facebook fan!

4. Leave us a clever saying you might like to see on a t-shirt (e.g. Tough Cookie, Cute as a Button . . .)

5. Add our Shop to your favorites on Etsy.

6. Purchase an item from Cantaloupe Corner. (This is worth 2 entries!)

Keep watching because I'm going to give more stuff away too!

This giveaway is for USA only. We will close this giveaway on Monday Feb 1st at 12:00 noon Arizona Time.  So get as many entries in as you can!

I hope you win! Good Luck!

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9 fabulous people said. . .:

Hedder Lyne said...

This one is my favorite! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=29960374


Heather Lee said...

I really like all your designs, love the chick magnet. I would like to see one that says PARTY CRASHER. Jake has always called our boys that because the were not technically invited.

*lindsey said...

I think it would be cute to say "Sharp shooter" with a pistol or two crossed. What is it with me and the guns...Eagar....

mele and makani said...

Mod Dot Flowers onesie is still my favorite even though I own it :)

mele and makani said...

How about "stud muffin" with pictures of both or a bowling pin with "spare me". or "chrome dome" for a bald baby. lol

Marcella said...

already a shoppe favorite!

Marcella said...

already a fan on facebook!!

Marcella said...

i want this shirt!!!

Marcella said...

following your blog!

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