September 3, 2009


September 3, 2009
I know most of you don't know me personally but if you do, or if you have read my profile on etsy, you know that I am constantly picking up new hobbies and learning new crafts.

This weeks new adventure is. . . hair flowers!

I have found these chic hair flowers scattered around in Etsy shops and I finally decided to create my own. I love to find good ideas and give them a Cantaloupe Corner twist, subtle or not, and make them into something I LOVE! I've created 2 designs so far and I have a billion more in my head, trying to get out.

So without further adieu. . .

I am in love with this Amy Buter fabric. It is Mustard Wallflower. I've been staring longingly into my fabric bin hoping for a perfect idea to transform this fabric into something unique and fun. I also made the little flower bead that sits in the center.

This is my very first hair flower design. I fell in love with the rich autumn colors in the flower and I just had to find a way to wear it! I added some luxurious freshwater pearls to the center to make it truly unique. (I secretly wish I could wear this one everyday.)

Now you can get one too! I just posted these beauties in my Shop.

Happy Shopping!

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