November 4, 2011

New Toddler Birthday Shirt!

November 4, 2011
We L-O-V-E birthdays around here.

 Ok, Everyone loves birthdays, not just us. We just like being able to dress your kids up in the cutest birthday shirts for their big day! I love looking back at pictures of my kids with their special birthday shirts and not having to guess which birthday it was, and it makes the day feel even more special when they can show everyone how old they are.

I made this design originally for Ryan, my 3 year old. I embellished upon the ink-free idea and added a cool vintage-style layered applique.  I love is so much I wanted to make it available for you too!

Check out this new fun tee in our Etsy Shop to see what colors, sizes, and numbers are available.

This adorable birthay tee will look better with each wash and it is all 100% cotton and, like always, has no ink or paint. The shirts are the highest quality available and they are super snuggly soft.

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